David DiPasquale


ATTENTION : My instagram account @dipsoulion has been hacked. Don't reply to any messages from them for the time being. The hackers are posing as me and running scams. I am actively working to reclaim my account and remove the hackers. Sorry about all this. Hope to correct it all soon. - DiP Nov 2021

Hailing from the state of New Jersey, David DiPasquale has been a visual artist for as long as he can remember. As a child, David would recreate his favorite cartoons and comics in sketches and drawings, and as he matured, his skills developed into a professional career as a graphic artist. He studied art at various institutions in New Jersey, New York, and Philadelphia with a focus on illustration, graphic design, and painting, and it was during this time that he honed his incredibly detailed and visionary style. Taking influence from nature, Rastafarian culture, sacred geometry, and planetary and cosmic forms, David's art has been featured in various New England art galleries. He also enjoys performing live art demonstrations for friends and musicians. While he loves creating original and custom paintings, envisioning and bringing to life murals, logos and tattoo designs are also a passion of his. Recently he has connected with several clothing and apparel companies to create original design work to be distributed around the world. Those companies are iApparel based in California, farIapparel based in the Virgin Islands, and moonlitclothing based in Colorado/Texas. His work has a strong following in the US, as well as internationally having sold original art to such countries as Trinidad, Norway, and Australia! David currently lives in Upstate New York where he can be found toiling away at his next masterpiece.