Creating Oneness through Artistic Universal Vision

  • Art is what changes the world. The song that ignites the spirit, the painting that opens the mind, the photo that makes you wonder. So keep creating and put your visions to reality!
  • ART can heal us, inspire us, and alter our brain chemistry, which can lead to an elevated state of consciousness, well being, and better emotional health.
  • This is our path, as visionaries, as artists, as manifesters of spirit - to tune into the highest vibration. 
  • Inspired to Create, Driven to Create
  • WHY I FEEL THE NEED TO CREATE, TO MAKE ART? It took me a long time to be able to articulate an answer before, I used to say, I don't know. As time passed, I started to pay attention to what propelled me to paint as I painted. It is still somewhat of a mystery to me but if I had to describe it, it literally feels like a tap on the shoulder or your mind from an unknown source. I see visions or parts of an image. There is this immense urgency that it is important to bring those images onto canvas or paper as best as I can. Many many times I step back and have no idea where something like that would come from, but as time goes by I understand them and realize that I have created a certain truth that lives within and all around us at the same time.
  • Universal link up and Geometric sync up
  • Lion Vibration to forward into the Universe of Creation
  • Be a guiding light to co-creative universal oneness